Evaluating flush and tilted PV systems on metal roof decks (VIDEO)


Check out this webinar (video below) we conducted that focuses on PV mounting systems for metal roof decks. We share the knowledge base compiled over the past 5 plus years of mounting solar arrays on standing seam and corrugated metal roof decks.

The presentation will review the basic framework of metal roof structures providing details on upload and downforce implications of PV systems. The basics of aerodynamics and the different effect square and skewed arrays have on the building will be discussed along with how tilt angles and the presence of deflectors can dramatically alter the load placed upon the structure.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Considerations when evaluating flush or tilted solar systems.
  • What solutions exist for standing seam, corrugated and exposed fastener roof decks.
  • How wind, snow, module tilt, and product design affect PV systems and the structural integrity of the building.
  • How we maximizing metal roof PV output with smart designs supported by strong validation.