A prospective client once told me, "racking is racking". My initial reaction was to argue otherwise, but I've come to acknowledge that there is some truth to the statement: Most mounting systems on the market are comprised of the same material, use a similar design, and are competitively priced. And yet, I genuinely feel that our clients get tremendous value from us, and by and large that's exactly what they tell me when we work together. So what is it that makes us the better choice? I think it's a combination of what our people bring to the table: Rock-solid experience, extensive knowledge of the various North American markets, and an inborn drive to go the extra mile to help our clients come out on top. With all that said, we continually work to refine our products, our processes and people.

We think you'll sense both the strength of our product offering, as well as our eagerness to make your project go a little easier, throughout this website and especially with our TRP Design Tool and video series — they exemplify our interest in putting ourselves in our clients' shoes and asking, "How can we make your life just a little bit better?"

Jonathan Young
General Manager



Consider our deep expertise an extension of your team.



General Manager

Jonathan is responsible for developing strategic relationships and managing P&L in the US and Latin America. Jonathan is a serial entrepreneur, working for multiple startups over the last eight years. Two of the startups grew from zero in revenue to multimillion dollars annually within a couple years. His professional experiences include studying and working in foreign countries, overseeing 40 employees in a manufacturing facility, and successfully launching several new products. Jonathan lives in Virginia with his wife and four children, enjoying time outdoors, fellowship, and hobby farming.  



Operations Manager

Derek manages the staff and day-to-day processes of Operations. He has over 10 years’ experience working in solar and has lived with solar in grid-tied or off-grid applications for over 17 years. Before joining the Advanced team, he was a principal in a bottling operation for 20 years, employing 75 people; then owned and operated a solar design & installation company for several years. He holds patents in innovative packaging.


Special Projects Manager

Cam oversees an ever-changing list of internal and external projects. With significant experience on rooftops of all types, Cam truly understands the full range of issues facing installers. Residential portfolios, customer training, new product development, technical sales support, product standards testing and internal computer systems are some of the many hats that Cam wears.



Sales Support Manager

Randy is responsible for technical support for the Advanced Racking sales team. Randy is a NABCEP Certified Installation Professional and Technical Sales Professional. Before joining Advanced, he spent three years at Ecolibrium Solar as Operations Manager, and prior to that six years as Engineering Manager at Third Sun Solar, an installer. A graduate of Electrical Engineering from Youngstown State University, Randy is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Madagascar where he served from 2003–06 as an environmental sector volunteer. Randy is passionate about solar, soccer, and his family including his two kids.



Founder & Advisor

Ingo is responsible for the overall financial management of the company. Prior to founding Advanced with Eric Stephenson, Ingo held several senior management positions with various divisions of Siemens. Ingo has extensive international experience, having worked in Europe, Asia and North America.



Founder & Advisor

Prior to founding Advanced, Eric held several senior management positions with one of Canada’s largest privately owned construction companies. Eric is a structural engineer and has extensive experience with the development of class-leading mounting systems for rooftop PV applications.