What India’s Solar Tariff Exemption Means for the US Market

Ballast Tilt Solution

Ballast Tilt Solution

New documents from the solar tariff that Trump imposed a week ago shows there are many countries that are exempt from the new tariffs and a couple countries are major manufacturers, which could help U.S. developers. 

The market impact from new solar tariffs announced earlier this week is shaping up to be less severe than it could have been. But while analysts don't expect solar cell and module prices to skyrocket, some big business decisions will be made in the coming weeks and months around the modest price increase -- which has prompted a series of questions around how, exactly, the new tariffs will be implemented. 

One of the interesting pieces of information revealed in trade documents obtained by GTM this week is that crystalline silicon solar products from India are not subject to the new tariffs.

Annex I of President Trump’s proclamation confirms India is on the list of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) beneficiary countries, which are exempt from... Read the rest of the story on GreenTechMedia.com HERE